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ομαδικο μαθημα τανγκο για προχωρημενους στην Αθηνα Γκαζι


Ideal for students who have even a little experience in Tango, but also for more advanced students

Weekly Tango Practica

Missed class?

No problem, our weekly Tango Practica comes right after the lesson finishes

Free Trials

If you're not ready to commit, come to one of our free trial classes.


Tango Fantasia

Performance Team

Like performing on stage? Become a member of the performance team and participate in all our school's events!


ιδιαιτερα μαθηματα τανγκο για ζευγαρια στην Αθηνα Γκαζι

Private Lessons for Couples

Ideal for couples who want to learn together and at their own pace

Ιδιαιτερα μαθηματα ατομικα τανγκο στην Αθηνα Γκαζι

Private Lessons for Individuals

Ideal for those who are learning Tango for the first time, where the Maestro focuses entirely on you


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