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del Barrio

Argentine Tango Lessons in the center of Athens, Gazi

Baile del Barrio is a specialized dance studio that aims to quickly and comprehensively teach the authentic Argentine Tango by combining tradition with innovation.

Its founder, Kostas Nikolaidis, brings the experience of 20 years from the streets of Argentina to the center of Athens.

In our dance school you will find group and private Tango lessons of all levels. Come for a free trial today!

There are special rates for new members who:

-  are students

- are unemployed

-register with their partner

Our Dance School

Baile Del Barrio was created in 2007 by Costas Nikolaidis and is located in the center of Athens, just 5 minutes from the Kerameikos metro, in the Gazi area.


Here we believe that Tango is one of the leading social and musical phenomena of the last two centuries and we apply its culture to all that we do. ⁠In the teaching of Tango at a social and professional level, even in our Milonga events where we practice what we teach outside the classroom as well. ⁠

Whether our students are interested in joining professional dance schools, looking for valuable experience through dance performances, or simply a community to feel a sense of belonging to, our doors are open.

The Maestro of the School

Kostas Nikolaidis 
Dancer, Choreographer and Teacher of Argentine Tango

Kostas Nikolaidis started dancing Tango in 2003 in Athens and very soon decided to work professionally with this enchanting Dance.


He made 9 trips to Buenos Aires for his basic studies in Argentine Tango, becoming a student of great Masters of the genre including Miguel Angel Zotto & Daiana Guspero, & Osvaldo Zotto & Lorena Hermosida, Sebastian Misse & Andrea Reyero, Gabriel Misse, Silvio Lavis et al


In 2006, he organized one of the most important Athenian milongas, the Milonga Foyer, at the Katia Dandoulakis theater. In 2008, he founded the Baile del Barrio School in Gazi, which this year marks 15 years of operation.


He has participated in international Tango Festivals, including the Todos Tango Festival and the Sunny Tango Festival, where he danced alongside the Tango Legend and his mentor, Miguel Angel Zotto. He has directed, choreographed and danced in more than 15 Tango Theater Performances since 2008 until today.


What our students say...

A really beautiful hall suitable for dancing.
The milonga de amor organized there is one of the best in Athens. With dignity, courtesy and excellent music, always properly chosen, it brings together the best dancers.


A school with many years of experience, with a huge amount of activities across Greece and abroad and a maestro able to teach you the real Argentine tango without frills but with its true brilliance, thus continuing this tradition that is in danger of disappearing.


- Nikos

When I came I was completely unrelated to dance... we met Kostas by chance and he invited us to his school. We owe everything we know and dance to him! We thank him very much!


Very good school with nice people, very nice atmosphere and a lot.. a lot of appetite and love for Tango!!

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