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Hobby Festival 2022

infographic 2022.jpg

The Hobby Festival brings together all professionals and organizations that manage means and know-how of amateur activities and leisure activities (hobbies). Join us on October 7, 8 & 9 at the Old OSY AMAKSOSTASIO and times: Friday 7/10 16:00-22:00 , Saturday 8/10 & Sunday 9/10 11.00-22.00."

We are pleased to announce our participation this year in Hobby Festival, where  Baile del Barrio will be offering free open classes for all ages/levels & Tango Shows from our dance team!  Learn from the School Maestro, have fun and meet new people in this friendly environment.

See you Sunday, October 9 at 15:00!


 Piraeus and Ermou, Athens 105 53

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