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Beginner Lessons

Every Thursday 21:00 until 22:15

  • The Thursday class is aimed at students with zero experience in Tango, and builds a solid foundation for rapid progress in learning it.

  • The main feature of the course is gameplay, which aims to better assimilate the primary steps of the dance in a fun way.

  • The student comes into contact with the music and culture of Tango for a faster understanding, while immediately after the lesson the Tango Practica takes place.

  • You can take the course individually or with your partner.


Δείτε άλλα τμήματα & μαθήματα​...

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2. Επέλεξε το μάθημα που θέλεις να παρακολουθήσεις

3. Επέλεξε την ημερομηνία που σε βολεύει (βάση του προγράμματος της Σχολής)

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